Celanese Emulsions ernennt KRAHN CHEMIE zum neuen Vertriebspartner in Deutschland


Mit Wirkung zum 1. Juni 2013 überträgt Celanese Emulsions GmbH die Distribution ihrer Polymerdispersionen für die Anwendungen in den Bereichen Farben, Lacke und Klebstoffe in Deutschland auf den Chemiedistributeur KRAHN CHEMIE GmbH.

The emulsion products, which are distributed under the brand names Mowilith® and Vinamul®, are made on the basis of vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE), vinyl acetate copolymers, acrylate and styrene-acrylate. The products can be used in a wide range of applications. For example, in the paint and coatings industries, these aqueous binders are used for facade coatings and interior dispersion paints, as well as for other industrial applications. They are also used in the construction chemicals and adhesive industries.

“Both companies have a long history in Germany and are strong supporters of the adhesives and coatings industries,” said Bernhard Forschler, commercial director for Celanese. “Celanese and KRAHN CHEMIE are a good fit for each other and the German customers will reap the benefits of high-performance emulsions with excellent distribution and service.”

“The Mowilith® and Vinamul® emulsions are an excellent addition to our current product portfolio for paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants industry,” comments Dr. Ulrich Hofmockel, Vice President Specialty Chemicals at KRAHN CHEMIE. “We value Celanese as an innovative technological leader in the industry and we appreciate our future collaboration. We look forward to supporting our customers’ projects with our technical expertise and laboratory services.”

KRAHN CHEMIE has collaborated with Celanese EVA Performance Polymers in distributing Ateva® EVA copolymers for plastic and adhesive applications since 2010.