KRAHN CHEMIE baut Portfolio für die Kautschuk-Industrie aus


Mit EPDM, Fluorkautschuk, Magnesiumoxid, Zinkoxid und weiteren Beschleunigern präsentiert KRAHN CHEMIE auf der DKT 2012 in Nürnberg eine Reihe von neuen Produkten im Portfolio.

EPDM is a synthetic rubber, which is widely used in the automotive, construction and electrical industry. KRAHN CHEMIE from now on distributes Esprene EPDM from Sumitomo Chemical.

KRAHN CHEMIE also started distributing fluoroelastomers (FKM) cooperating with Shanghai 3F New Materials. FKM is characterized mainly by its excellent heat and chemical resistance. It is used for gaskets in motor production, fuel hoses, O-rings, seals for hydraulic applications, crankshaft oil seals and further applications. It is noteworthy that Shanghai 3F New Materials also produces peroxide crosslinked grades.

Already a part of the KRAHN Portfolio are the Robac rubber chemicals of Robinson Brothers and ECO, CR or CSM-based rubber compounds. KRAHN CHEMIE distributes these elastomers from Daiso (Epichlomer ® ECO) and Tosoh (Skyprene ® CR, Toso-CSM ®).

Other products in the KRAHN CHEMIE portfolio include butadiene rubber (BR, SBR) from Kumho Petrochemical, Silastic ® silicone rubber from Dow Corning, Jayflex plasticizers of ExxonMobil Chemical, adhesion promoters Chemlok ® / Chemosil ® by Lord Germany and Frekote ® mold release agents from Henkel.