KRAHN CHEMIE mit erweitertem Portfolio auf der K 2013


KRAHN CHEMIE präsentiert sich auf der K 2013 mit einem erweiterten Portfolio für die Kunststoffindustrie. Insbesondere der Bereich Pigmente wurde ausgebaut.

Moreover, the event will also see KRAHN CHEMIE presenting products under its own brand CRANE® Color. Among the other additions to the portfolio are the SCONA® products by BYK Kometra and the styrene block copolymers SBS and SEBS.

The pigment portfolio covers organic colored pigments based on phthalocyanine, dioxazine, indantrhone and quinacridone, and is rounded off by a broad range of pearl gloss pigments based on natural and synthetic mica and borosilicate glass. The pigments are high-quality alternatives to comparable products by European market leaders and are suitable for use with various polymers such as PVC, EVA and polyolefins.

Worth noting are the plastic processing additives produced by BYK-Chemie for use as process additives, viscosity reducers, dispersion additives, defoaming agents and entrainers in PVC, compounds and master batches. The SCONA® product range of BYK Kometra is new to the portfolio. These highly grafted polymers are used as couplers for glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene and polyamide or wood plastic composites (WPC). The SCONA® products can also be used to improve the adhesion of soft TPE-S on rigid substrates. Rounding off the additive portfolio are light stabilizers including UV absorbers and HALS, and the halogen-free products KSS and HES from Arichem, which improve the flame protection of PC/ABS blends. The carbon fibers from Toho Tenax in chopped and milled form in the KRAHN CHEMIE portfolio of products raise electric conductivity and electromagnetic properties and reinforce plastic parts.
With its high-molecular phthalates by ExxonMobil Chemical and phthalate-free plasticizers by OXEA KRAHN CHEMIE is extremely well equipped for PVC processing. Moreover, its broad range of plasticizers also meets special requirements in respect of migration, thermal stability and low-temperature flexibility. With Unifoam from Hebron, KRAHN CHEMIE also supplies a chemical foaming agent for PVC based on azodicarbonamide.

New additions to the KRAHN CHEMIE portfolio are the styrene block copolymers SBS and SEBS, which are used in TPE for various industrial applications and marketed by KRAHN CHEMIE throughout Europe.

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