Put our labs to the test.

KRAHN Chemie offers a large variety of tests of paints and coatings in its own, excellent equipped laboratories in Bottrop (Germany) and Poznań (Poland).

Thereby, our service portfolio ranges from application tests and analytical studies, via product development and optimization of formulations, to the creation of complete colorimetric systems including setup of calibration database and color matching.

Our experienced employees would be pleased to carry out tests and elaborations for you according to standard or customized test methods.

Please download our product brochure or take a look at our laboratory services in detail:


Creation of tinting systems

  • Test and optimization of compatibility of
    base paint with pigment concentrates
  • Setup of calibration database: calibration mixtures
    (base paint + pigment concentrate), application
    and measurement
  • Color matching: development of color shade formulations
    (opaque and translucent)
  • Color matching: software based calculation of color shade
  • Training: colorimetry and software training


  • Development and testing of guiding formulations
  • Recommendation and testing of raw materials to optimize formulations

Evaluation of Film Properties

  • Adhesion (DIN 53151)
  • Gloss (glossmeter with 3 angles: 20°, 60° and 85°)
  • Film thickness (dry and wet thickness)
  • Cupping test according to Erichsen (DIN 53 156)
  • Wet abrasion and washing resistance
  • Water absorption (W24 value)
  • Water vapor diffusion (sd value)
  • Film hardness (Shore D, König hardness)
  • Scratch resistance (Dur-O-test)
  • Chemical resistance (sucking material or immersion)

Test of Wet Materials

  • Anti-sag resistance
  • Wetting properties
  • Surface properties
  • Drying properties
  • Foaming tendency
  • Rheology profile (low, medium, high shear)

Chemical Analysis/ QC

  • Density (density cup)
  • pH-value
  • Electrical conductivity (liquid state)
  • Viscosity
  • Rotational viscometer
  • Flow cups
  • Particle size (laser diffraction)
  • Grind fineness (Grindometer))
  • Hiding power (contrast ratio)
  • Storage stability
  • Solid content
  • Sieve residue
  • Oily absorption value
  • Colorimetry (color space, whiteness, color strength)

Xenon Test

  • Evaluation of light fastness