Surface defects often occur during and after coating application. These defects degrade both the optical properties of the coating and its ability to protect the substrate. One very significant parameter affecting all these defects is the surface tension of the involved materials. More specifically, surface tension differences are the actual cause of these surface defects. To prevent surface tension defects, additives may be used. They modify the surface tension of the paint and/or minimize surface tension differences, improving surface slip, flow and substrate wetting of liquid and powder coatings. Basically, the compositions of these products are silicone surfactants (BYK®-349, BYK-346), polysiloxanes (BYK®-306, BYK®-333, BYK®-341, BYK®-378) or polyacrylates (BYK®-358, BYK®-381, BYK®-392).