Since it is virtually impossible to escape the presence of foam stabilizing substances in coating systems, mineral oil, silicone as well as silicone-free polymeric defoamers and air-release agents are employed to avoid the formation of foam and/or to destroy (as rapidly as possible) existing foam.

The BYK®-030-Family represents the BYK® mineral oil type defoamers. Generally, mineral oil defoamers are intended primarily for flat and semigloss emulsion paints and emulsion plasters. BYK®-035, BYK®-037 and BYK®-038 are APEO-free.

Silicone defoamers are liquids with exceptionally low surface tension containing polysiloxanes as the main active ingredients. The primary advantage of silicone defoamers (as compared to mineral oil defoamers) is that they neither reduce gloss in high gloss systems, nor do they reduce color acceptance when used with pigment concentrates.
> Examples for aqueous systems: BYK®-011 und BYK®-012
> Examples for solvent-borne systems: BYK®-051, BYK®-052, BYK®-053 und BYK®-054.

In addition to polysiloxanes, other polymeric products can defoam through their selective incompatibility. With regard to silicone-free defoamers for solvent-borne systems, BYK®-052 is the standard product. BYK®-051, BYK®-052 and BYK®-053 form an integrated product family based on the same chemistry with different molecular weights. BYK®-011 and BYK®-012 are Silicone-free polymeric defoamers for high quality, aqueous coatings. BYK 1610-1640-16905D-1691SD e serie F700.