UV Chem-Keys

Additives that initiate polymer reaction in radiation curing systems.
2 classes of photoinitators are available: free radical and cationic photoinitiators.                                                          

α-hydroxyketone: Chemacure PI-184, Chemacure PI-1173, Chemacure PI-369, Chemacure PI-907, Chemacure PI-500                                              

MAPO: Chemacure PI-TPO, Chemacure PI-TPO-L                       

Thioxanthone: Chemacure PI-DETX, Chemacure PI-ITX

Metallocene: Keycure VIS-813                                                     

Cationic PI's: Chemacure CAT-6974, Chemacure CAT-8050     

Other grades: Chemacure PI-MBF, Chemacure PI-EDB, Chemacure PI-BDK