Eastman™ CAB

Eastman Chemical

Cellulose acetate butyrate, which can be used as additive, modifying resin or major film former in printing inks and coatings. CAB's provide a number of performance benefits including reduced dry time, improved flow and leveling, sag control, redissolve resistance and aluminium flake orientation. Application areas: automotive coatings (metallic- and straight colors), wood coatings, plastic coatings, hot melts, high solids, UV-curable systems, paper coatings.

Following grades are available:
CAB 171-15, CAB 321-0.1, CAB 381-0.1, CAB 381-0.5, CAB 381-2, CAB 381-20, CAB 500-5, CAB 531-1, CAB 551-0.2, CAB 553-0.4, CAB 551-0.01, CAB 381-20 BP, CAB 381-2 BP