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Viscosity modifiers are designed to reduce a lubricant’s change in viscosity when subjected to changes in temperature. As it is one of the key ingredients in an engine oil, viscosity modifier selection is an important consideration in formulating quality engine lubricants.

Infineum offers a distinct family of viscosity modifiers to meet diverse performance requirements: the Infineum SV brands.

With their styrene-based chemistry, Infineum SV products are designed to deliver the demanding performance required of today's top-tier lubricants, including original equipment manufacturer (OEM) factory fill and synthetic lubricants. The benefits include outstanding retention of low-temperature pumpability throughout the life of the lubricant, the widest range of shear stability in the industry and unique product differentiation opportunities.

TECHNOLOGY HIGHLIGHT: Infineum SV Viscosity Modifiers
Infineum SV viscosity modifiers offer innate advantages over other commercially available VM technologies:
•    Retained performance 
•    Decreased polymer treat rates 
•    Minimal interaction with base stocks and components 
•    Improved fuel economy with retained wear protection