Technical Ceramics



GRANALOX® aluminas are based on NABALOX® aluminas and are ready formulated ceramic materials with an Al2O3 content of 92% to 99.7%.
The ceramic materials are being used for various manufacturing processes with a focus in uniaxial and isostatic dry pressing applications.

GRANALOX® products, which have already been adjusted by adding the necessary organic additives, are ready-to-use and can be processed to ceramic formed parts.

Binder-free GRANALOX® products  are finely crushed mineral ceramic powders with different alumina contents. The organic additives are reduced to the extent that they can be used for other forming processes like:
- Slip casting
- Die-casting
- Tape casting
- Extrusion
- Thermoplastic injection moulding.

Following products are available:
- Ready-to-press Al2O3 with a purity of 92%, 95%, 96%, 98 % and 99%.
- Binder-free Al2O3 with a purity of 92%, 96%, and 99%.