Technical Ceramics



Specialty aluminas of the trademark NABALOX® have an Al2O3 content of >99.5% and are characterized by their highly consistent properties.

With a variable calcination process, the α-Al2O3 content and the size of the primary crystals can be adjusted. Using additional refining steps (e.g. grinding, sifting, etc.) further powder parameters can be adjusted such as the specific surface area, D50-value, bulk density and sinter density.

NABALOX® aluminas are used in:
- Refractory industry
- Technical Ceramics
- Catalysts and filter technology
- Insulator production
- Polishing industry- Electrical industry
- Medical Technology.
The product range includes:
Calcined alumina: NO201, NO102, NO103 and NO105.
Ground alumina: NO115-25, NO315, NO325, NO113 and NO313.
Reactive alumina: NO615-10 NO715-10 NO625-10 NO725-10, NO713-10 NO713-MF-10 NO613, NO615-30 NO625 NO625-30 and NO313.