Halogen-free flame retardants from Arichem new in the KRAHN CHEMIE product range


Effective immediately, KRAHN CHEMIE GmbH will begin marketing the flame retardants produced by Arichem LLC, based in the United States, throughout Europe. These sulfonate-based products are suitable for transparent and opaque PC and PC/ABS applications.

The Arichem products, including KSS (Powder Potassium Diphenylsulfonesulfonate) and HES (Powder High Efficiency Sulfonate proprietary blend) enable halogen-free formulations that easily meet the requirements for UL 94 V-0 classification. Low dosage rates of 0.1 to 0.5% and considerable cost advantages over other sulfonate systems such as potassium perfluoro butyl sulfonate (KPBS) are further benefits of these flame retardants, putting them within the “green” product category.

“The Arichem products are right on target within a forward-looking niche in specialty additives, and although they are highly effective, they are also especially environmentally friendly,” comments Mark Podgorsky, Business Segment Manager Plastics at KRAHN CHEMIE. When combined with further additives, pigments, functional fillers, and reinforcement materials from the portfolio of Krahn Chemie, they can be used to efficiently formulate properties such as heat conductivity, electrical conductivity, dimensional stability, and UV protection.

The products are used by producers of masterbatches and by compounders, in applications including parts of the housings of monitors and computers, plug connectors, sockets, electrical distribution boxes and fuse boxes, but also in transparent panels for the construction and transportation industries.

About Arichem LLC
Arichem LLC, a privately held specialty chemicals company based in the state of Alabama, was acquired from Sloss Industries Corporation in 2006. The company manufactures products under GMP conditions and is ISO 9001:2000-certified.