New at Krahn Chemie: HALS and UV absorbers for polyolefins


Krahn Chemie GmbH signed recently an agreement with Beijing Tiangang Auxiliary Co., Ltd., located in China, to distribute and market light stabilizing additives in Europe.

The distribution area of Krahn Chemie includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and other Eastern European countries.
Bejing Tiangang is a producer of hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) used as highly effective radical scavenger in polyolefins to improve light stability and long-term heat stability. Furthermore the portfolio comprises UV absorbers for the protection of packaged goods against UV degradation and colors and pigments.
The Tiangang® light stabilizers extend the lifetime of polymers by preventing polymer degradation, yellowing, color fading, cracking and chalking and loss of mechanical properties.
The company Tiangang is ISO 9001:2000 certified. All products are REACH, GHS and RoHS compliant. The products are approved by different methods such as GC, GPC, HPLC, DSC, TGA, IR, UV-Vis, Headspace-GC. Artificial ageing tests with e.g. Weather-O-Meter and QUV equipment are also an important part of the quality control.
“The HALS and UV absorber products by Tiangang created strong interest among our customers – this is the best proof that we took the right decision to enhance our portfolio with these products”, commented Mark Podgorsky, Business Segment Manager Plastics at Krahn Chemie.
Krahn Chemie´s portfolio for the plastic industry also includes e.g. plasticizers from ExxonMobil Chemical and Oxea, blowing agents from Hebron, additives from Byk-Chemie and Baerlocher, EVA from Celanese and pigments.