New at KRAHN CHEMIE: Plasticizer DOA from OXEA


KRAHN CHEMIE will with immediate effect distribute the plasticizer dioctyl adipate (DOA) of the global chemical manufacturer OXEA in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

DOA is manufactured by OXEA at the recently acquired production site in Amsterdam. Similarly, an agreement for the sale and distribution of adipate and polyol esters for the lubricant industry was reached.

Dioctyl adipate plasticizer
DOA is especially used as plasticizer in PVC and is characterised for example by its excellent qualities at low temperatures. DOA can be found in products such as food-wrapping cling film, garden hoses, cable compounds, seals, PVC plastisols and other applications such as surface coatings and rubber.

"The sale and distribution of dioctyl adipate creates additional synergies for the existing plasticizer range of KRAHN CHEMIE, in which phthalate and benzoate plasticizer are core components", commented Mark Podgorsky, Business Segment Manager Plastics, on the new cooperation. "With OXEA, we were able to acquire a recognised partner in the market, which will also strengthen our local presence internationally, as for example our Polish subsidiary established last year."

Adipate and polyol esters for the lubricant industry
Adipate and polyol esters are used as base oil in the manufacture of lubricants. KRAHN CHEMIE already marketed the polyol esters produced in Amsterdam even before the takeover by OXEA. "Our customers were integrated into the upcoming changes at an early stage. The transfer, including the specification agreements, ran smoothly," was the assessment of Björn Maring, Business Segment Manager Lubricants. "Moreover, we are pleased to have a backward integrated manufacturer, wanting to expand its product range."

The broadly positioned KRAHN CHEMIE range for the lubricant industry includes, in addition to esters, other base oils such as poly-alpha-olefins, alkylated naphthalenes, hydrocrack oils as well as various additive packages for automotive and industrial lubricants.