Additin® Antiwear (AW) additives are widely used in metal-working fluids, greases, hydraulics and a variety of other industrial applications. The advantages of phosphorus additives are especially effective in medium-to low-stress boundary lu-brication situations.
Phosphorus-based products in the Additin® AW range offer a flexible chemistry for a wide variety of solutions.
- Thermal and hydrolytic stability through phosphoric acid esters
- Multifunctional effect through dithiophosphates
- Extremely high AW performance at a low dosage through amine-neutralized phosphoric acid esters
- Excellent thermal stability due to carbamates

Additin 3775
Additin RC 3775 is an ashless EP and antiwear additive for formulating industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids.
By virtue of its specially selected raw materials Additin RC 3775 is ideally suited for formulating high temperature lubricants. In combination with suited antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors or packages, e.g. RC 9308 (approx. 0.3 % b.w.), Additin RC 3775 (approx. 0.25 % b.w.) can be used for the formulation of ashless hydraulic fluids and other industrial oil with FZG load carrying capacity.