The idea behind additive packages is to form a well-balanced composition of many different single components. Such solutions reflect a high level of know-how and clearly set Rhein Chemie Additives apart from other chemical suppliers as a true specialist in the field of additives. Additive packages in the Additin® PA range are complex formulations, proven solutions that help cut development time while assuring high quality and reducing costs and complexity in analysis, inven¬tory and order management.
The multifunctional package Additin® RC 9410 is designed for industrial gear oils and can be used in numerous other applications, including hydraulics, metalworking fluids, slideway oils and many more. Additin® RC 9420 is a modern package meeting all industrial gear oil standards.

Additin RC 9410
Additin RC 9410 is an ashless additive package with outstanding EP/AW behaviour, oxidation and corrosion inhibiting properties.
Industrial gear oils based on Additin RC 9410 exceed following requirements:
- Timken OK load
- oxidation stability
- corrosion protection of steel and non-ferrous metals
- wear protection capacity
- load-carrying capacity (FZG test A 16.6/140°C)
Additin RC 9410 is an low odoured additive package with good anti-stick-slip and demulsifying properties for industrial gear oils according to:
- U.S. Steel 224, 222, 223
- DIN 51517, part 3 (CLP)
- SEB 181 226
- AGMA 250.04 (EP Gear Oils), AGMA 9005 - D 94 (EP Gear Oils)

Additin RC 9308
Additin RC 9308 is an ashless additive package with outstanding oxidation and corrosion inhibiting properties. Additin RC 9308 is particularly recommended for use in the formulation of lubricants for which high performance demands have to be met:
- high oxidation stability
- good thermal stability
- excellent hydrolytic stability
- no sludge formation
- good protection against corrosion of steel and non-ferrous metals
- excellent demulsifying behaviour
- low foaming tendency
These properties can be obtained at low treatment levels in a broad range of different base oils.
For some base oils, the addition of a defoamer may be necessary in order to meet the stringent foam limits of some industrial oil specifications.
Additin is an ashless multifunctional oxidation and rust inhibiting additive package
- for R&O oils, hydraulic fluids HL, gear oils CL according to:
DIN 51524, part 1 (HL); DIN 51517, part 2 (CL); AFNOR NF E 48-603 (HL); Cincinnati-Machine P-38 (HL-32), P-55 (HL-46), P-54 (HL-68), P-57 (HL-150), P-62 (FC-10)