SpectraSyn Elite™ 65

ExxonMobil Chemical

The technology of metallocene PAO is the basis for a new generation of PAO. The comb-like structure and the absence of short side chains lead to more compact molecules with stereoregular symmetry and fewer interactions between the individual chains. The SpectraSyn Elite™ product range is available in the viscosities 65, 150 and 300 cSt (@ 100 ° C). SpectraSyn Elite™ is characterized by improved shear stability, a higher viscosity index (VI), excellent cold-temperature properties and a higher film thickness compared to conventional PAO. Typical application areas are gear oils for wind energy, engine and compressor oils, greases, racing oils, heat transfer and cold forming oils as well as drilling and hydraulic fluids. The comb-like structure in combination with the solubility of the alkylated naphtene (Synesstic) leads to an increase in the efficiency of the thickener in grease production. SpectraSyn Elite has a lower surface tension compared to conventional PAOs, which also increases the efficiency of the thickener. All viscosities of the SpectraSyn Elite™ series are H1-approved.