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KRAHN CHEMIE brings together all the elements that create added value: markets with innovations, processors with producers and questions with answers.

As an independent chemical distributor and sales and distribution partner to leading producers, we also bring together everything that processors in the chemical industry value: an extensive and high-quality product range, technical services as well as in-house laboratory support. We are committed to what we do with always an eye on the best solution.

Welcome to KRAHN CHEMIE!

  • LANXESS appoints KRAHN CHEMIE as its distributor for biocidal products in Germany and Benelux

    With immediate effect, the KRAHN CHEMIE Group will be distributing the biocides and preservatives of the LANXESS specialty chemicals company in Germany and Benelux. Core applications of these products are in industrial protection and disinfection. The products, which are mainly known under the brand name Preventol®, have been used for decades for the preservation of paints and varnishes, detergents, cooling lubricants, adhesives, additives and for wood protection. [more]

  • KRAHN CHEMIE is taking over the distribution for FP-Pigments in Germany

    KRAHN CHEMIE GmbH and the Finnish company FP-Pigments Oy started to cooperate in the sales and marketing of opacity pigments for paint, coating and printing ink applications in Germany. [more]

  • KRAHN CHEMIE Polska: new distributor of PPG silica in Poland

    As of January 1, 2017 KRAHN CHEMIE distributes the precipitated silica products from PPG in Poland. Both companies already collaborate in Italy, where Pietro Carini, the Italian subsidiary of KRAHN, acts as sales and marketing partner of PPG for many years. [more]

  • Because color is our passion...

    Humans primarily associate color with aesthetics. But what is color, really? How can it be described? Physics, math and chemistry can help. By describing phenomena and attempting to explain them analytically, it is possible to express color in the form of parameters and numbers. [more]