KRAHN Chemie and Sekisui Kasei agree on the partnership for the distribution of TECHPOLYMER® for paints and coatings in Spain and Portugal


The KRAHN Chemie Group has entered into a distribution agreement with the Japanese chemical company Sekisui Kasei. The cooperation includes the products sold under the brand name TECHPOLYMER® and covers the sales regions Spain and Portugal for the paints and coatings industry.

The TECHPOLYMER® product range consists of polymer microspheres particles available in various sizes. The products are easily dispersed in solvent- and water-based systems and used in multiple applications such as wood coatings, decorative paints, plastic coatings, leather coatings and coil coatings. In these applications, TECHPOLYMER® is added in order to increase abrasion, scratch and chemical resistance while providing a matting effect, textured finish, anti-slip surface or soft-touch feel.

“This cooperation with Sekisui’s TECHPOLYMER® products perfectly fits our strategy to develop and strengthen our portfolio of additives and specialty chemicals for the coatings market within Spain and Portugal. Our colleagues from Italy have been promoting TECHPOLYMER® for paints and coatings applications for many years with great success and we look forward to expand the business on the Iberian Peninsula as well,” says Daniel Oliva, Technical Sales Manager at KRAHN Chemie operating from the Spanish subsidiary of KRAHN’s sister company ALBIS in Barcelona, Spain.

Thijs Wansink, Managing Director of Sekisui Kasei Europe B.V, comments: “After a long and successful cooperation with KRAHN Italia in the Italian paints and coatings industry, we are very excited to start working with the KRAHN Group for paints and coatings also in the Iberian market. We expect that this cooperation will be beneficial for both companies and that we will be as successful as in Italy.”

TECHPOLYMER® polymer microspheres particles.
Picture: Sekisui Kasei


About Sekisui Kasei

Sekisui Kasei is a Japanese manufacturer with the core technology of polymerization.
Utilizing this core technology, Sekisui Kasei has developed micro-spherical polymers called TECHPOLYMER® in the 1980's.

For paint and coating applications, TECHPOLYMER® can improve coating surfaces and add functionalities to wood coatings (furniture & floor), other floor coatings, leather coatings, plastic coatings, and coil coatings.   

TECHPOLYMER® enhances chemical and mechanical resistances while adding a matte appearance. With a wide variety of grades, TECHPOLYMER® offers additional functionalities, such as soft-feel, anti-block, anti-slip, etc.