KRAHN Chemie now also selling biocides from Lanxess in Austria


The KRAHN Chemie Group and the Lanxess special chemicals group have expanded their sales cooperation for biocides and preservatives into Austria.

A distribution agreement for biocides and antimicrobial agents, as well as for the preservatives manufactured from them has already been in place in Germany and the Benelux countries since August 2017.

The products, better known under the brand names Preventol® and Biochek®, are used in the context of industrial preservation and disinfection. Application areas include paints and varnishes, detergents, cooling lubricants, adhesives, plastics, additives, and wood protection products.

“Due to the coming into force of the 13th ATP and the reclassification of MIT (methyl isothiazolinone) resulting from this, reconsideration in the field of in-can preservation is imperative. In LANXESS, we have a reliable and innovative partner at our side that has occupied itself intensively with the new legislation and has focused on an MIT-free portfolio. In this way we can both support our customers in moving from biocide applications to alternative products that have proven themselves in practice,” says Ibrahim Zidan, Business Segment Manager Coatings & Construction Chemicals, KRAHN Chemie Deutschland GmbH.

Daniel Schlawe, Head of Sales EMEA in the Material Protection Products business area at LANXESS, comments: “The existing cooperation has shown that KRAHN convinces on the basis of its pronounced technical understanding and thus offers our customers special added value. The trust established and the very good performance in Germany and the Benelux countries have led to the decision to expand the cooperation.”

KRAHN Chemie has already been marketing additives from LANXESS for the manufacture of industrial lubricants for three years.

Biocides from specialty chemicals company LANXESS effectively protect paints from attack by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae. This prevents the build-up of unpleasant odors, discoloration and pH changes. (Photo: LANXESS AG)