Sachtleben Chemie and KRAHN CHEMIE expand marketing cooperation


Sachtleben Chemie GmbH, in the context of the optimization of its marketing network for the paints and coatings industry, is entrusting distribution of its titanium dioxide and zinc/barium white pigments, fillers/extenders and additives in Germany and Austria to distributor KRAHN CHEMIE GmbH, of Hamburg.

These two companies have already practiced successful cooperation in the field of titanium dioxide pigments (SACHTLEBEN, HOMBITEC, UV TITAN) for a number of years. With effect from January 1, 2011, KRAHN CHEMIE will also be responsible for marketing of barium sulfates (e.g. BLANC FIXE and SACHTOPERSE), zinc sulfides (SACHTOLITH) and LITHOPONE throughout Germany and Austria. These products are used in the most diverse range of high-quality coatings applications.

"Market demands continually confront us with new challenges", explains Jari Airola, Senior Vice-President, Functional Segment, at Sachtleben. "We have, in KRAHN CHEMIE, a highly qualified and technologically extremely capable marketing partner which, thanks to its closeness to the paints and coatings industry, will continue into the future to assist us in generating valuable customer benefits and sustainable growth".

"The expansion of our cooperation with Sachtleben Chemie is very pleasing for us, since it will enable us to supply our customers not only with TiO2, but also with 132 years of capability in the fields of zinc sulfide and barium sulfate white pigments. These are particles which, especially at the present time, are becoming ever more important as feed materials for the coatings industry", comments Patricia Rello, Segment Manager Coatings & Construction Chemicals, at KRAHN CHEMIE.

SACHTLEBEN (rutile titanium dioxide) and HOMBITAN (anatase titanium dioxide) are white pigments which, with an organic and/or inorganic coating, are particularly suitable for use in emulsion paints, conventional paint systems, and printing inks. They are valued for their extremely good hiding power, wetting and dispersion behaviour, and for their excellent light fastness and resistance to weathering.
UV TITAN and HOMBITEC RM are ultra-fine titanium dioxide pigments used to provide UV protection in paint systems and/or to achieve a "Flip-Flop" effect. The HOMBITEC RM grades are also available in paste form.
HOMBIKAT is a photocatalytically active titanium dioxide pigment for protection of facades (self-cleaning surfaces).
BLANC FIXE and SACHTOPERSE are synthetic barium sulfate specialties with an optimum balance in their optical properties (gloss, flow and hiding power) combined with mechanical and chemical resistance. The SACHTOPERSE grades are available both in the form of ultra-fine particles and as pastes.
SACHTOLITH zinc sulfide particles are soft white pigments and are used in abrasion-sensitive paint systems.
LITHOPONE is a highly efficient white pigment produced on a zinc sulfide / barium sulfate basis and can be used to replace up to 60% of the TiO2 otherwise included in system formulations.

About Sachtleben
Sachtleben (founded 1878) is a member company of the Rockwood Holdings Inc., group, of Princeton, USA, an internationally active producer of special chemicals and ultra-modern materials employing 10,000 persons worldwide. Sachtleben's two independent titanium dioxide production facilities, located in Germany and Finland (sulfate process), combined with DQS-certificated zinc/barium production plants and many years of pigment know-how, assure reliable high-quality production of sophisticated inorganic particles. The company's autonomous energy supply and sulfuric acid production plants, with integrated recycling of the waste acids from the production process, form the basis for long-term assured supply of feed materials to its customers.