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Therminol® 58

Eastman Chemical

Therminol 58 is an efficient, reliable, medium-temperature synthetic fluid engineered to deliver exceptional heat transfer performance at maximum bulk temperatures up to 300°C (575°F).
It delivers dependable, uniform process heat with no need for high pressures. With a superior life span, Therminol 58 provides excellent performance over the fluid life when compared to common mineral oil-based fluids as well as lower-tier synthetic heat transfer fluids.

Temperature Range
 -26 °C to +300 °C

Performance Benefits
• Optimal pumpability - Non-sludge-producing chemistry enables pumpability at lower temperatures than the majority of other mineral oil-based heat transfer fluids.
• Excellent compatibility - Therminol 58 is noncorrosive to metals commonly used in the construction of heat transfer systems.
• Excellent resistance to fouling - Therminol 58 has been shown to be significantly less sensitive than mineral oils to the negative consequences (sludging, fouling) of thermal oxidation.