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Small engine oil additives are designed for two-stroke and four-stroke engines across the entire spectrum of small engine applications. Infineum S small engine oil additives provide a wide selection of products for applications such as motorcycles, power tools and recreational vehicles.

Infineum’s two-stroke additive products are formulated to deliver outstanding engine performance, including diminished smoke, improved cleanliness and lubricity, and decreased ring sticking. This results in reduced engine maintenance and longer service life. Success in these areas has come as a result of Infineum's focus on improving the ‘burnability’ of finished oils which leads to fewer deposits and less smoke.

Infineum’s four-stroke additive products are formulated to meet the needs of specific applications, enabling optimised performance in the areas of cleanliness, wear, corrosion, oxidation stability and clutch friction performance. Infineum offers a wide range of products to formulate engine oils for the specific requirements of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), motorcycles, outboard engines, power tools and lawn mowers.

"Tailored oils: Dedicated motorcycle oils deliver ultimate performance."
Featured in Infineum Insight magazine this article discusses the new demands of 4-cycle engine designs and how engine oils need to strike a balance between the often conflicting demands of engine, clutch and gear protection.