Technical Ceramics

Tosoh Zirconia


TOSOH Zirconia powder is characterized by its fineness, its high purity as well as its good processing properties. In combination with hot isostatic pressing Zirconia components with highest bending strength can be made of types toughened with Al2O3. The standard ATZ type of Tosoh contains 20wt% Al2O3, however on application types with a lower Al2O3 content are also available. Available are ATZ powders with and without binder. Types with binder are ready-to-use and can be pressed without any further processing. Due to a lower surface area s-types can be processed easier. Non-s-types with a higher surface area can be sintered at lower temperatures. Examples for applications are e.g. implants and engineering parts.

Following products are available:
TZ-3Y20A, TZ-3YS20A, TZ-3Y20AB, TZ-3YS20AB