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Technical support

KRAHN Chemie playes a dual role between raw material producers and manufacturers which we fulfil responsibly.  

Our sales representatives have an extensive knowledge of our products and that’s not all. What are our customers’ demands? What are their aims and how can we best support them? The answers to these questions are the keys to guiding our sales consultants to present the right products for their customers’ specific needs.

KRAHN Chemie provides solutions.

We support and cooperate with the leading, innovative material producers worldwide by introducing new products on the market. Which advantages do these products have? How can they be applied relevantly? Which formulas offer additional value? Based on this knowledge, our sales representatives introduce new products processors and provide support by equipping them according to specific requirements.    

KRAHN Chemie delivers product innovation.

Logistics and customer service

Prompt product delivery with reliable quality in the right quantity is important for our customers’ manufacturing process. These factors are a fundamental part of our service. Lean processes and efficient logistic partners guarantee reliability, flexibility, as well as swift, predictable delivery.

  • Clear and straightforward order processing
  • Short delivery times due to local storage
  • Sample dispatch
  • Global procurement
  • Customer-specific mixtures
  • Filling and repackaging
  • Handling hazardous substances
  • Dealing with local authorities and requirements 

Laboratory services

Not only do we deliver tested quality, but also unique service. On request, our laboratory can optimize every formula particularly suited to the relevant area of application.

  • Formula optimization
  • Quality control for raw materials
  • Tinting systems development
  • Professional advice and installation for tinting system software.

Quality and environment

We are committed to quality: our integrated management system guarantees you the certainty of knowing our processes are always state-of-the-art, as well as being in accordance with legal requirements. Our certification:

We respect the environment. KRAHN Chemie supports the chemical industry’s Initiative, “Responsible Care.” Together with our partners, we feel committed to the goal of guaranteeing health, safety and environmental protection.

If you want more information on Responsible Care see:


In order to protect health and the environment, KRAHN Chemie is involved in the implementation and development of the European Chemicals Regulation, REACH. By maintaining close communication with our manufacturers, we ensure that everyone involved is aware of their obligations and take all necessary precautionary measures. KRAHN Chemie guarantees comprehensive documentation concerning all current, relevant products, as well as all processes which conform to REACH guidelines.

What is REACH?

  • REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals.
  • The EU regulation REACH, came into effect in 2007 and will be fully implemented by 2018.
  • The aim of REACH is to protect health and the environment from possible risks arising from exposure to chemicals, as well as to increase competitiveness within the chemical industry.