Product Focus: Valtris Santicizer®


Since September 1st 2018, Valtris Specialty Chemicals, a leading provider of specialty chemicals, has appointed Krahn Chemie as its new distributor for Poland, Germany, the Benelux, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and the Baltic countries for their SANTICIZER ® specialty plasticisers.

The global range of Santicizer® plasticisers from Valtris Specialty Chemicals is composed of high solvating benzyl phthalates, flame retardant and smoke suppressing phosphate esters, polymeric plasticisers, and the new non-phthalate Platinum range which is high solvating and fast fusing as well.
With regards to the flame retardant and smoke suppressing phosphate esters, Valtris Specialty Chemicals offers 2 main product families: Alkyl Aryl Phosphate Esters and Modified Alkyl Aryl Phosphate Esters.

Alkyl Aryl Phosphate esters
Santicizer® 148 is used when the compound imparts low smoke-generation performance that is far superior to Tri Aryl Phosphates or antimony oxide. It also offers superior fusion properties and solvating action and imparts resistance to abrasion, oil and grease. As a versatile additive, Santicizer® 141, having FDA clearances and being listed on the European 10/2011/EC regulation, is an option for applications that involve food contact. Santicizer® 141 and 148 non-halogen nature avoids adverse perceptions of halogenated fire retardants.
Modified Alkyl Aryl Phoshpate esters
Santicizer® 1438 is a modified alkyl aryl phosphate ester for flexible PVC products that must meet stringent flame retardancy standards. Santicizer® 1438 is specially recommended for plastisol applications where lower viscosity is combined with high fire-retardancy of the end product.
Santicizer® 1438 exhibits superior flow properties and plasticizer efficiency compared to triaryl phosphate esters at equal concentrations.  Santicizer® 1438 can be used at lower concentrations for similar flame spread without affecting tensile properties.
Typical end use products for Santicizer® 1438 are fire retardant synthetic leathers, conveyor belts, vinyl coated substrates and flame retardant sealants.
With cellulosic resins, Santicizer®1438 flexibilizes and produces clear compositions suitable   for lacquers.  

Santicizer® Phosphate Esters
Santicizer® Phosphate Esters can be used for upholstered furniture, wall coverings, flooring, vinyl sheets, fabric coating, wire and cable, polyurethane foams and FR coatings to meet very stringent specifications such as public transportation applications and in building & construction.
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