KRAHN Nordics AB bundles activities of AmphoChem AB and Pemco Additives AB


The newly formed KRAHN Nordics AB unites activities of AmphoChem AB and Pemco Additives AB under its roof.

By merging the two companies into KRAHN Nordics AB, the operational business is bundled in one company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, effective since May 1, 2022. 

AmphoChem AB, a distributor of industrial chemicals, additives and specialty chemicals, and Pemco Additives AB, which is active in the fuel, lubricants and petrochemical industries, already worked closely together before the acquisition by KRAHN Chemie and the merger into KRAHN Nordics AB. Both are leading distributors and represent well-known international producers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Chatarina Schneider, who has been leading the management of AmphoChem and Pemco already, continues to be in charge as Managing Director of KRAHN Nordics.

"After the acquisition in February 2021, we quickly realized together with the local employees that a merger in a new organization will significantly facilitate the cooperation of both companies, especially with regard to organizational aspects," says Chatarina Schneider. "We are pleased to be able to appear and operate under a uniform name and as part of the internationally positioned chemical distribution company KRAHN Chemie, from now on. The combined expertise will benefit employees, but also producers and (new) customers in equal measure."

Dr. Rolf Kuropka, CEO of KRAHN Chemie GmbH, adds: "The local expertise of Chatarina Schneider and the team is very important for KRAHN. We are pleased that with the merger, the regional proximity as well as the management and all contact persons will be retained under the uniform brand identity in accordance with our 'Aim for simplicity' strategy."