Corporate Governance

The Otto Krahn Group is a 100-year-old Hanseatic company that is successful on numerous international markets. With its subsidiaries KRAHN Chemie GmbH is part of the Otto Krahn Group.

Against the background of the Hanseatic virtues such as fairness, reliability and decency as well as the innovative strength and internationality of our business, we have developed a common value system which provides the framework for our entrepreneurial activities.

This system of values and principles serves all employees of the Otto Krahn Group as a model for their behaviour and behaviour towards customers, business partners, colleagues and the public. We have very high standards with regard to the responsibility of our company and our employees and are committed to complying with both our values and all local laws and rules of conduct worldwide.

Code of Conduct

These guidelines describe the values and principles of the Otto Krahn Group and support our employees worldwide and across divisions in applying them in their daily work.



In the event that it is not possible to address and clarify a compliance-relevant issue in a direct discussion with colleagues or superiors, we want to protect you effectively as a whistleblower and offer you a secure communication platform for submitting anonymous reports.