UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress: KRAHN Chemie presents portfolio for sustainable production


During the two day UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress, which takes place on July 4 and 5 in Stuttgart, Germany, the specialty chemicals distributor KRAHN Chemie presents its comprehensive product portfolio as well as sustainable solutions for the lubricants industry.

At the trade exhibition, KRAHN Chemie demonstrates innovative solutions in addition to its technical services, which effectively tackle the prevailing industry challenges. The chemical distributor has a distribution network that extends beyond Europe and offers additives, components and packages for the automotive, industrial, grease and speciality lubricants markets. Alongside its diverse product portfolio, KRAHN provides its customers sustainability services such as workshops, aiding customers in understanding the CO2 savings in the use phase, thereby contributing to sustainable production.

"We are pleased to once again present our high-quality product range for the fuel and lubricant market, along with our accompanying sustainability services, at the UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress", says Andrew Lamb, European Head of the Lubricants segment at KRAHN Chemie. "We see this conference as a valuable platform and a great opportunity to optimize target-oriented solutions in a sustainable and innovative manner for the entire mineral oil and additives industry. We eagerly anticipate engaging in intensive discussions with international industry players to stay abreast of current trends and developments."

The UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress stands as one of the world's leading technology congresses and addressing the escalating challenges confronting the fuel and lubricants industry. The conference showcases a remarkable line-up of thought-provoking presentations from esteemed industry experts, this year focusing on alternative and "low carbon" fuels as complementary to e-mobility and their challenges for future internal combustion engines. It also highlights the challenges and requirements for lubricants and fuels in hybrid engines. Additionally, it mentions the market development and opportunities for lubricants in the future, considering the influence of e-mobility and sustainability.