Nowość w Krahn Chemie: HALS i absorbery UV dla poliolefin


Krahn Chemie GmbH rozpoczęła współpracę z Beijing Tiangang Auxiliary Co. z Chin w zakresie fotostabilizatorów dla polimerów.


The distribution area of Krahn Chemie includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and other Eastern European countries.
Bejing Tiangang is a producer of hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) used as highly effective radical scavenger in polyolefins to improve light stability and long-term heat stability. Furthermore the portfolio comprises UV absorbers for the protection of packaged goods against UV degradation and colors and pigments.
The Tiangang® light stabilizers extend the lifetime of polymers by preventing polymer degradation, yellowing, color fading, cracking and chalking and loss of mechanical properties.
The company Tiangang is ISO 9001:2000 certified. All products are REACH, GHS and RoHS compliant. The products are approved by different methods such as GC, GPC, HPLC, DSC, TGA, IR, UV-Vis, Headspace-GC. Artificial ageing tests with e.g. Weather-O-Meter and QUV equipment are also an important part of the quality control.
“The HALS and UV absorber products by Tiangang created strong interest among our customers – this is the best proof that we took the right decision to enhance our portfolio with these products”, commented Mark Podgorsky, Business Segment Manager Plastics at Krahn Chemie.
Krahn Chemie´s portfolio for the plastic industry also includes e.g. plasticizers from ExxonMobil Chemical and Oxea, blowing agents from Hebron, additives from Byk-Chemie and Baerlocher, EVA from Celanese and pigments.