Osaka Soda

Epichlorohydrin rubber results in vulcanizates with a very good heat-, oil-, ozone- and weather resistance with a low gas permeability. This rubber specialty fulfills the demanding properties especially in the automotive industry with reference to all relevant environmental requirements.

Epichlorohydrin rubber is used in fuel systems, membranes as well as hoses for engines. Further applications are industrial- and printing rolls, tank surface protections as well as membranes and seals.

Epichlorohydrin rubber grades:

Homopolymer (CO) - EPICHLOMER® H, H50

Good oil- and fuel resistance good heat-, ozone and aging resistance, good gas permeability.

Copolymer (ECO) - EPICHLOMER® C, C55, D

Low glass transition temperature, adequate compromise between oil-, fuel- and cold flexibility.

Terpolymer (GECO) - EPICHLOMER® CG, CG-102, CG-105, CG-109, DG, Epion 301

Good ozone resistance, good processability, good low temperature behavior.