Technical Ceramics


Taimei Chemicals

Taimicron is a high purity, ultra-fine ceramic powder, producer is Taimei Chemicals Co., Ltd. in Japan. The Taimicron TM-D series are ultra-fine, agglomerate-free Alumina powders with a purity >99,99%. The sintered body shows a fine and homogeneous microstructure and is characterized by its strength, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. The Taimicron TM-DS series are spray dried types for pressing and injection molding, which are based on the TM-D series. The products which contain binder are ready-to-use powders and can be pressed without any further processing. Applications are e.g. bio ceramic components or transparent ceramics.

Following products are available:
TM-D, TM-DR, TM-DA, TM-DAR, TM-5D, DS-6, DS-25, DS-81, DS-31, DS-5D-31, DS-92M