Toyal Europe

Chromashine Series / Interference colored Aluminiumpigments 
solvent-based: R-grades
water-based: RW-grades

Aluminium-based pigment-paste. Chromaticity combined with hiding power and 
unique visual effects


dark blue – violet
CRS BL 20-R, CRS BL 10-R / CRS BL 20-RW, CRS BL 10-RW

light green - light blue
CRS GR 20-R, CRS GE 10-R / CRS GR 20-RW, CRS GE 10-RW

gold – green
CRS GD 20-R, CRS GD 10-R / CRS GD 20-RW, CRS GD 10-RW

orange - light green
 CRS OR 20-R / CRS OR 20-RW

suitable for following applications:
high value coatings, automotive, teletronics, cosmetics, printing-inks